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doctor who meme ♣ seven outfits; ten’s brown suit {2/7} 

You’ve even got the same suit! Don’t you ever change?

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Doctor Who GIVEAWAY!

Hi I am giving away a Doctor Who Quiz Book 3 & the 11th Doctor figure in 10th’s outfit which also comes with a tiny Sonic Screwdriver.

I hope the little fella goes to a good home!

Oh & sorry about the crappy photos they were taken on my DSi.


  • You must be following. I will check.
  • Anyone can enter. So I will post anywhere.
  • You can only reblog once, you can like it too but only reblogs count.
  • I haven’t decided when I will end this. It depends how it goes.
  • Also make sure your ask box is open so I can message the winner!

If you have any questions about these plz message me & I will answer back!


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Anonymous Asked:
Once someone gives this to you have to pass it to at least 10 people that are amazing and deserve to know it. Nothing happens if you don't send it, but is always nice to share love ♥

My answer:

Thanks :)

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Click on the TARDIS to view my blog.

Hello & welcome dear Whovians to a new blog for Doctor Who & other who related stuff.


This page is all about Doctor who & who related stuff. If you do not like Doctor who etc then please do not follow this page.

This blog isn't like any other tumblr fan pages. This blog will follow you back.


I am happy to answer any Doctor who & other who related questions so please fill in the ask box as much as you like & i will try my best to answer them all.


Doctor who first aired in 1963 & ended in 1989. Then one tv film came out in 1996. Sadly there was no more Doctor who in till 2005 where we saw the Great Time Lord return!

Now we are in 2011 with a new Doctor played by Matt smith & his 2 companions Amy & Rory.

Torchwood first aired in 2006. Torchwood is a well known Doctor who spin off. It also spells Doctor Who but with all the letters mixed up. Torchwood had many workers.Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato & Ianto Jones but sadly some of those members died. But don't worry us Torchwood fans will not forget them. Torchwood died and now return to our television in 2011 this time based in America.

Torchwood is a adult theme programme.

Sarah Jane Adventures first aired in 2007 with one of the famous Doctor who companions. Sarah Jane smith. This programme is mainly aimed at children.

Sadly the Sarah Jane Adventures is no more. Elisabeth Sladen the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith left our hearts 19th April 2011. But don't worry she will never be forgotten by us Doctor Who & Sarah Jane adventures fans!!


Enjoy the page folks!



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